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Tips and Tricks for using SportsEngine


Keep connected to your team(s). Get schedules and team updates for every athlete in the house, plus a way to message other members on your team and a way to give coaches a heads up about practice. Enjoy unlimited access to scores & stats, photo/video sharing, and more. Click the red text to see a helpful set of instructions on each topic. 


Setting your email/text preferences
Notifications are sent to you when someone on your team sends a message from the team site. Based on your preferences, you can either elect to receive text notifications and/or email notifications. In order to receive text notifications, you need to add your mobile phone number and enable text notifications to be sent to your phone number.

Adding Additional Contacts to your account
As a parent, you often need to be able to widen your circle of who needs to keep up to date with your player's schedule. You may need to add non-members such as grandparents, babysitters, neighbors, etc. to your contact list so they too can keep up to date with the team schedule. You can add their email address to your child's sub-profile so they will receive the same email messages that you do.

Adding a Mobile Phone
Once you've created your account, add your mobile phone so you can receive text messages from your team manager or coach.

Enabling Text Messaging
Now that you have your mobile phone on your account, make sure you enable text messaging.

Is there an App? 
Yes, for Android and Apple. Go to the App Store and search for SportsEngine.

Sending a Message
Do you need to send a question to your team manager or another parent about a ride? Follow these instructions on how to send messages using the mobile app.

RSVP to Game or Event
Coaches and team managers need to know if you are going to able to attend a game or practice. Easily RSVP using the mobile application.

Changing email address

If you would like someone not associated with your account to receive email communications regarding your child, you would need to link their account to your child's sub profile.

  • Primary email addresses will receive account information, event/game invitations, financial/order receipts, notifications and profile messages.
  • Secondary email addresses on your account will receive profile messages only. (i.e. a coach sends an email regarding your child)


 The calendar displays all of the information based on "tags". Each team has a tag, each division has a tag and each key area of the website has a tag.

  • Click on "Show Tag Menu"
  • Click on the check boxes that relate to the information you want to see. If you click in the "Show All Tags" box, all of the available calendar events will be displayed. If you click "Clear All Tags", all of the boxes will uncheck. This is a quick way to remove all tags so you don't need to uncheck each one.
  • To stay up to date with league news and events, you should click the "Calendar" tag.  This is where news will be posted that is relevant to the entire league.
  • Your internet browser will remember your preferences so the next time you log in on that system, you'll see the same information. If you create a login id, you will be able to log in from any location and see the expected information.
  • Another option is to go to your team page, where the relevant information for you team will always be displayed.

Once you get the calendar customized, you may use the buttons on the bottom to subscribe to the feeds (i.e. bring them into your desktop calendar, or smartphone)!