Time to Tryout for All-Stars!

With the end of the spring season drawing near, it’s time to think about summer baseball! We have playoffs coming in the next few weeks and Summer Crush will also soon be announced, but we are here to talk about our All-Stars program!

West Seattle Baseball has a long and proud tradition of fielding several competitive all-star teams to participate in tournaments throughout the summer and expect this summer shall be no different! All-stars gets the Pacific Northwest’s best baseball weather and mixes it with all the fun that comes with competitive youth baseball, including fun team trips to tournaments both near and somewhat far from the Pee Wee Fields. All-Star season is full of great team camaraderie and memory-making opportunities!

The 2021 8U All-Stars Celebrate a walk-off victory. Photo Credit: @nikkiwomacphotography

The league encourages ALL interested players to attend tryouts. For the younger players, it’s a good introduction to a process similar to what they will do at “evaluations” when they move from Pinto to Mustang. Additionally, the league would love to field multiple teams at each age group, which can only be done if we have a large pool of players from which to fill those rosters.

2022 West Seattle Baseball All-Stars Coaches

The league is proud to announce a well-seasoned roster of coaches for this year’s all-star teams.

  • 8U – Peter Parker
  • 9U – Dan Womac, Tim Kerns, and Randall Hauk
  • 10U – Josh Menashe and Danny Sizemore
  • 11U – Michael Pivar and Sims Weymuller
  • 12U – An Lieu, Matt Wintermute, and Sam Clark


Player ages for the all-star season are calculated slightly differently than they are for the spring season, which means your player may qualify to tryout for a younger all-star team than they would have been based on the regular season eligibility dates.

The cutoff date for all-star baseball is April 30. For example, only players born on or after May 1, 2013 are eligible to tryout for the 8U team. For the 9U team, only players born on or after May 1, 2012 are eligible, and so on and so forth. Players are allowed to tryout for a team one year older than their base eligibility, meaning that those born between May 1, 2012 and April 30, 2013 are eligible to play 9U all-stars but also could opt to tryout for 10U all-stars.


Registration for tryouts for West Seattle Baseball all-star teams is now live! To register for a tryout, click this link and follow the steps. In order for a player to be eligible to play on a league all-star team, they must have participated in at least half of their team’s regular season games, as well as completing an official tryout for the team coaches.

Dates, times, and locations are being updated as fields are reserved (this wet spring has made this more complicated than usual!) and will be updated on this post as they are confirmed and announced through social media.

All-Stars Tryouts Schedule
  • 8U: Thursday, May 19, 5:30 p.m. – PeeWee Fields B-South
  • 9U:  Monday, May 9, 5:30 p.m. – Delridge Playfield – Southwestern Corner
  • 10U: Monday, May 9, 5:30 p.m. – Riverview Playfield #4
  • 11U:  Monday, May 9, 7:30 p.m. – Riverview Playfield #1
  • 12U: Thursday, May 12, 5:30 p.m. – Riverview Playfield #4
  • 12U (makeup): Saturday, May 14, 9:00 a.m. – Lincoln Park #1


Please keep in mind that while being a member of a West Seattle Baseball All-Stars team is an exciting time for players and families, it also comes with a significant time commitment, requires travel for most teams, and comes with additional registration fees and travel costs. All-Stars is an ALL-IN commitment, and the league expects that it is prioritized over other sports and activities.

When you register your player, you will be asked for weekend dates you know your player would miss this summer. The coaches may use this data to help inform which tournaments they select, rather than use that data to pick their team. All coaches understand families will have vacation plans and ask that chosen players miss no more than one tournament during all-star season. If you are going to be away for multiple weekends, the all-star program may not be a good fit.

In any case, please consider registering and attending the tryout, whatever your other summer plans may be!

Navy All-Stars

West Seattle Baseball is fortunate to have a number of high-performing players at all levels, which has allowed us to field two teams in most divisions the past several years. When that happens, we refer to the first team as the “Red” team and the second as our “Navy” squad. While we always hope to get a Navy team for each age group, the ability to do so relies entirely on having the volunteer coaches willing to make a commitment to such a team. Should you have interest in coaching one of our Navy teams this summer, please let the league know!