The 2022 Playoff Brackets are HERE!

The West Seattle Baseball playoff season will official start on May 31.

Our league had originally planned to begin the post-season on May 19. However, in light of the many weather cancellations this spring, the league worked to find a way to add more potential game dates before the end-of-season tournaments. The tighter timeline and field availability has forced league personnel to work diligently to find a workable schedule that provides extra baseball for all league participants this season, without compromising the integrity of the final competition.

The Bronco, Mustang, and Pinto divisions all will play a double-elimination tournament to find their champions for the 2022 season. Both Mustang and Pinto will play their championship games on Thursday, June 16 at the Pee Wee Fields. Each divisionĀ“s third-place game will also take place that evening.

While the seedings for the Pinto and Mustang divisions were determined by random draw via league commissioners, the Bronco division is seeded based on regular-season record. This year, the more-compressed schedule has led to an extra incentive for teams to finish at or near the top of the league standings.

The Bronco title game will take place on Wednesday, June 15 on Riverview Playfield #2. The Bronco postseason features first-round byes for the top-two teams in the regular season. The remaining four teams will all play Friday, June 3 and return the next day when all six teams of the Bronco division will play at least one game.

June 4 will see all six Bronco teams in action at Riverview, while the Pee Wee Fields will have a full day of Pinto and Mustang action happening. It should be a great, fun day for the West Seattle Baseball community.

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