If you already know about Summer Crush, you likely need to read no further, so here is the link to registration!

For those who need more convincing on West Seattleś classic summer baseball league . . .

Crush is Focused on the FUN!

Summer Crush is West Seattle Baseball´s fun summer league that combines some of the organizational elements of the spring league with some of the fun, summer-y vibe from sandlot-style baseball with your friends.

Crush is divided into three divisions, 8U, 10U, and 12U (in PONY-speak, that´s Pinto, Mustang, and Bronco). Scores are kept but there are no standings or playoffs. There are not even practices! Itś just ¨show up and play baseball” baseball.

Using Crush to Try a New Division

Often, players who are going to move up a division the following spring will play in the higher division in Crush to get a light introduction to their future age group, but by no means is that a rule or even typical. Players are not allowed to ¨play down,” however.

Taking Vacations? No Problem!

Team rosters are built with summer vacations in mind. Larger rosters can sometimes mean that the batting order gets long, More often, however, it prevents teams being too short-handed to realistically play when multiple players are out of town on family trips.  Game are also scheduled only for weeknights, leaving weekends completely free.

Coaches Needed

And why should all the fun go to the kids? Whether you have had the pleasure of helping as a volunteer coach in the past or have just seen how much fun all the coaches have working with these kids, Crush is a great time to get involved. Every team needs as much coaching help as they can get to make games run smoothly and efficiently. If you are ready to join the ranks of WSB volunteer coaches, be sure to note your interest when registering your player or contact league officials to start the process!