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2017 Spring Registration Opens January 2, 2017



West Seattle BASEBALL does not engage in political lobbying except in cases where the direct interests of our constituents are concerned.


This is one of the cases where all of our members have a reason to get engaged and it is critical that you READ THIS MESSAGE and take action on behalf of all of our participants and families to secure a safe environment for youth sports in Seattle.

Seattle City Council Bill 118794 would allow camping in 5200 acres of City Parks and on City owned property, including parking strips and sidewalks. Campers would have to given 48 Hours notice before they can be made to move.

The Seattle City Council will be deliberating THIS FRIDAY on Council Bill 118794 and ONLY Tim Burgess is currently opposed to its passage!



  • Games & Practices could be cancelled due to people living in or near the spaces where our kids play (even the Pee-Wee Fields).
  • Unsafe & unsanitary conditions could put your child at risk from harassment and injury or infection from garbage, human waste and used syringes.


  • Read this message and additional source information today.
  • CALL & EMAIL All City Council Members and the Mayor daily!
  • Sign the iPetition today.
  • Share this information and ask your neighbors to help.

It is impossible to NOT notice the impact of homelessness in Seattle, with the rising number of tents, encampments, and derelict RV’s all around the city. We are sympathetic to the challenges faced by the homeless and the best solution to the problem can be debated. But it is certainly NOT to allow unrestricted (and protected) camping at City Green-spaces, Parks and Playfields.


Playfields may be excluded in the final legislation which is changing daily. Regardless of any exclusion, spillover is likely, and as you may have seen in the news and on social media, city playfields have already been impacted with tents set up at the Interbay Playfield, where at least one homeless camper refused to move from the end-zone during a youth football game.


We urge our baseball community to take immediate action! Please read more about the issue and contact ALL members of the Seattle City Council as well as the Mayor’s Office TODAY and EVERY DAY this week. We urge you to ask the City Council to Vote NO or DEFER a vote until an improved plan is proposed. 


Our youth athletes should not have to be subjected to physical and environmental hazards presented by garbage, human waste, and drug paraphernalia in, or near the spaces where they practice and play!


The City Council needs to be held accountable to come up with REAL solutions to help those in need.


Following is a sample email created by Safe Seattle and a list of the contact information for City Council members and the Mayor’s Office.  Below the list are some links to additional information. Please take the time to read more.

WSBB Board


Contact Us

Parents & Coaches - If you have questions or need assistance please contact us

Contact your City Council


6 COUNCIL MEMBERS ARE CURRENTLY GOING TO VOTE YES for allowing our homelessness neighbors to camp in our parks. THIS LEGISLATION CANNOT PASS! Our homeless neighbors need homes not parks. If you cannot join us, Please Email or Call Every Day.


Here is a sample email:


Dear Seattle City Council Members:

Council Bill 118794 is not a solution to remedy unsafe conditions and protect the rights of homeless individuals. It will introduce far more problems than it solves and distract from the real work at hand.

Please do not authorize camping in our public spaces, greenways and parks. Please:

  1. Vote NO on Council Bill 118794
  2. Use the budget process for the 2017-2018 budget to support the Pathways Home Initiative Priority Actions
  3. Utilize existing laws and policies to reduce the need for sweeps, give advance notice if sweeps are required, and improve inter-agency coordination in assisting homeless individuals (make shelters safe, clean and accessible).


Your Name, Your Neighborhood


PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION: (Note - by signing, I-Petitions does ask for a donation, but you can close out without paying)



Ed Murray: 206-684-4000

Lisa Herbold: 206-684-8803

Bruce Harrell: 206-684-8804

Kshama Sawant: 206-684-8016

Rob Johnson: 206-684-8808

Debora Juarez: 206-684-8805

Mike O'Brien: 206-684-8800

Sally Bagshaw: 206-684-8801

Tim Burgess: 206-684-8806

Lorena Gonzales: 206-684-8802

    Division Age Group Base Path Stealing Lead Offs Pitching Distance
    Shetland 4-6 60' No No None
    Pinto 7-8 60' No No 38'
    Mustang 9-10 60' Yes No 46'
    Bronco 11-12 70' Yes Yes 50'
    Pony 13-14 80' Yes Yes 54'
    Colt/Palomino 15-18 90' Yes Yes 60'6"

    West Seattle Baseball has been serving the community with superb baseball, sportsmanship and teamwork since 1957.  WSB operates under PONY Baseball.  PONY is an acronym for Protect Our Nation's Youth.  We offer baseball to kids ages 4 to 18.  Each division has it's own special characteristics that makes the game of baseball more fun at each level.