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Register closes on February 24th


2017 Spring Registration is now open!

Click the red box above to begin your registration. Here are a few details about the 2017 registration process (please read before registering):

For Shetland (6U) and Pinto (8U), players are assigned to teams based upon a league priority process. The sooner you register the better your chances are to get the team/coach of your choice if applicable. We will do our best to assign your child to a team/coach of your choice, but that assignment is NOT guaranteed. You can also list names of kids that you would like your child to play with, but this is also NOT guaranteed.

Mustang (10U), Bronco (12U) and Pony (14U) teams will be put together by a draft. Player evaluations will be held the weekend of March 4th-5th. You will be asked to pick a date & time for your child’s evaluation during the registration.

We will be offering Hoodies for sale during the registration process. We won’t order until team assignments are made so that we get the corresponding colors.

You can get a $5 discount off siblings when registering together.

Please have the following items ready when you start the registration process:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Checking Account info
  • Family Doctor or Pediatrician name and number
  • Medical Insurance information
  • Email address of any other family member(s) that would like to be on all league and team communications during the season. Opt-out of that email can be done at any time.

You can start your registration process by clicking here.

Division Age Group Base Path Stealing Lead Offs Pitching Distance
Shetland 4-6 60' No No None
Pinto 7-8 60' No No 38'
Mustang 9-10 60' Yes No 46'
Bronco 11-12 70' Yes Yes 50'
Pony 13-14 80' Yes Yes 54'
Colt/Palomino 15-18 90' Yes Yes 60'6"


Tickets are available now!

Please consider making an auction donation or volunteering for an hour at the event.

For more information, and to get your tickets, click here.

Why West Seattle Baseball?

We understand there are a lot of choices for baseball around Seattle. As you consider your choices, here are some things that make West Seattle Baseball unique: 

West Seattle Baseball is a member of Pony Baseball. PONY is taken from the first letters of each word in the slogan, "Protect Our Nation's Youth."

One of the unique aspects of Pony is its field dimensions (base paths and pitching distance), which are gradually expanded with each division to match the growth and development of young players. Other leagues have field dimensions that do not change from T-ball to 14U.

Pony plays more to the rules of Major League Baseball, allowing things like leading off, pick-off moves, dropped third strikes and sliding head first, depending on the age level. Things that most other leagues do not allow. 

We also closely monitor pitch count starting in Pinto (8U). It is closely watched and enforced all in the name of the players arm health. This also allows for more kids to have an opportunity to pitch during the season.

As a result:

>Teaches base stealing earlier 
>Teaches Pitching sooner 
>Teaches Leading off Sooner

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Board members below:

Need more info?

If you need more information about West Seattle Baseball and our upcoming season here are a few ways to contact the league:

Interested in coaching or helping in Pee Wee? Mike Curran

VP of Pee Wee (Mustang, Pinto, Shetland)


VP of Pony & Umpire Coordinator

Shetland/Pinto player registration & placement Jill Patterson

Pee Wee Player Agent

Mustang registration and draft Jill Patterson

Pee Wee Player Agent

Bronco or Pony registration and player draft Bill Skibitzke

Pony/Bronco Player Agent

Registration fees and scholarships Howie Waskowitz


Fundraising or Sponsorship opportunities Karen Boehmer

Director of Fundraising & Sponsorships

All other questions Erik Ricard

President, WSBB

Contact Us

Parents & Coaches - If you have questions or need assistance please contact us