As a PONY league, West Seattle Baseball games are played by the “Official Rules of Major League Baseball” (often called simply “OBR”) with a number of amendments made for each level of play.

On this page, you will find helpful links to all pertinent rules sets, divisional amendments, and other great reference material with regard to how the game is played.

Official Rules Books

2024 PONY Baseball Rulebook

Official Baseball RulesĀ 

Baseball Rule Changes for 2024 Season

Divisional Rules Amendments

Bronco (12U) Amendments

Mustang (10U) Amendments

Pinto (8U) Amendments

Shetland (6U) Amendments

Other Rules Items

Player Draft Rules and Guidelines

Pitch Count Limits and Catcher Rules

West Seattle Baseball Code of Conduct

2023 WSB Policies, Procedures & Rules

2023 WSBB Tournament Rules