Volunteer registration for the 2023 West Seattle Baseball season is now OPEN!

Everyone interested in volunteering with the league this year need to complete a basic registration to initiate the process. Once registered, a member of the league board of directors will contact you about your interest to help connect you to your opportunity.

While general volunteering opportunities arise throughout the season, there are many specific roles in need of people to help keep the league operating. It takes a lot of work to keep our players playing!



Probably the most-visible of the volunteer roles is that of a coach. Not only does every team in the league need a head coach/manager to run team operations and lead the team through the season, assistant coaches are crucial to maximize the baseball experiences of our players. Whether you are interested in being a head coach, assistant coach, or just the occasional practice-day helper, anyone stepping onto the field to help in such capacities must first register with the league. Whatever your personal baseball experience, rest assured that your players’ head coach will be glad to have a majority of his team’s parents ready to help!


While our Yump program strives to provide youth umpires as frequently as possible, the reality is that more often than not we will need parents to step onto the field to officiate. Due to the continued shortages of professional umpires, which is a nationwide problem, even our Bronco division last year was often forced to play with volunteer umpires from the stands. Coaches are strongly encouraged to identify at least one (preferably two) parent to be the team’s umpire in case of need. West Seattle Baseball provides a preseason training clinic and supporting documentation to all volunteer umpires. Additionally, the league continues to work to educate our community on the importance of supporting our umpires as a vital part of the game.

If you have what it takes to run a baseball game as the impartial adjudicator of baseball’s rules, please consider registering as a West Seattle Baseball umpire. (Yes, Yumps, this means you as well!).

Snack Shack Coordinator

The Snack Shack is not only a popular and beloved tradition at the PeeWee Fields, it is also a crucial source of revenue for supporting league operations. All Shetland, Pinto, and Mustang teams must take their turn running the Snack Shack on a game day (or two). Too often, it falls to the head coach to beg parents to go work the snack shack when their time comes. Help your team meet this obligation by volunteering to become your team’s Snack Shack coordinator!

Field Maintenance

Even without all the rain we tend to get at the worst times for baseball season, there is a lot to be done to get our fields ready for play before practices start and then to maintain them throughout the season. If landscaping chores help you find your volunteering zen, let us know that you can help!  Additionally, home teams are responsibility for field preparations on game days, which requires chalking of lines, raking of infields, and other tasks you don’t want your coach to be doing when they should be getting the team ready to play.

League Operations

Under the banner of “many hands make light work,” the West Seattle Board of Directors is always in need of dedicated volunteers. There often are open roles waiting for a volunteer to fill, and even when all roles are filled, there is always need of more people working with the board to keep things moving smoothly. There is no better way to maximize your impact on this community than to join a board meeting and get involved!

Utility Player

Not a big fan of commitment, but also cannot wait to help?  Then register your willingness to help on a general basis. Once registered, you may occasionally see emails from board members seeking help with a variety of one-off tasks (like, someone has to man the grill, man!)