Player evaluations for the 2023 spring season will be held the first weekend of March at Delridge Playfield. All Mustang and Bronco players must participate in one of the one-hour sessions in order to be assigned to a team.

  • Bronco (12U): Saturday, March 4th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Mustang (10U): Sunday, March 5th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Often (erroneously) called “tryouts,” our player evaluations often raise a lot of questions for parents of players going through them, especially if it’s their first time.

What is the purpose of these “evaluations”?

The primary mission of our evaluations process is to provide parity among all teams in the Bronco and Mustang divisions. League play is simply more fun for everyone if the teams are all relatively evenly matched, giving everyone a chance to compete for regular season victories and ultimately post-season glory.

How do the evaluations help provide evenly matched teams?

Players are put through a series of baseball exercises with all division coaches observing (It is not as high-pressure a scenario as that might sound!). The coaches grade each player on their performances through the session. Coaches’ evaluation grades are aggregated and distributed to the coaches for use in the draft. Every coach enters the draft with their own observations as well as those aggregated scores, which allows for an even spread of player abilities across all teams.

What happens at player evaluations?

Each player is given an opportunity to show their abilities in a small handful of baseball activities over the course of an hour. Participants will be asked to:

  • Field fly balls to right field and throw to third base;
  • Field grounders at shortstop and make throws to first base;
  • Hit up to eight balls into play, running to second base on their final hit.

Players are not asked to pitch as part of the evaluation process.

Division coaches observe all players, taking into account as much as they can based on the limited repetitions each player has to show their abilities.

What should my player bring to evaluations?

Your player should be dressed to play baseball. That is, they should be wearing clothes that allow them to physically move through baseball activities, while also being appropriate for weather conditions.  Your player also needs all their basic baseball tools with them and ready for use.
  • Clothing appropriate for baseball activity and weather (often sweatshirts and baseball pants);
  • Non-metal baseball cleats;
  • Baseball cap (important for shielding sun while fielding balls!);
  • Baseball bat (must meet USA Baseball bat standard);
  • Batting helmet;
  • Baseball glove.

Please also assure your player has their own water bottle to stay hydrated and any other equipment they typically use to be successful at playing baseball (batting gloves, extra pads, knee braces, etc.).

Most importantly, remind them to HAVE FUN! The evaluations are not “tryouts,” in that every player will be on a roster regardless of how they perform. Enthusiasm can be just as impressive as making solid contact in batting practice!