For a vast majority of youth baseball players, tee-ball is a first exposure to the sport of baseball.

The use of a tee removes one of the games most-difficult elements (pitching) and simplifies another by having batters hit a stationary ball off a tee, rather than attempt to hit a moving ball which is broadly considered the most-difficult thing to do in all of sports. The use of the tee allows coaches to focus on other fundamental elements of the sport, giving young players the building blocks they will need to continue to play the game once the tee is removed from play.

And even after the tee is no longer used for game play, baseball players of all ages and ability levels will continue to use a tee as long as they play the game. Even the best hitter in the major leagues will tell you how a tee figures into his daily routine.

For the upcoming Shetland season, your player will not need anything resembling Mike Trout-like hitting routine, but there are some things you will want to have and know before practices start to help your player get the most out of their tee-ball season.

When are practices and games?

All Shetland division events (games and practices) take place on Friday evenings at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday mornings starting at 9 a.m. Plan for about one hour per event, though games can be shorter if three innings are played in less than an hour. Though schedules may fluctuate from time to time due to various needs (make-up dates for weather, for example), count on Friday nights and Saturday mornings throughout the spring.

What equipment does my player need?

We have a separate equipment FAQ for your reference.

All players are required to have their own baseball glove, tee-ball bat, batting helmet, and water bottle. Cleats are not required but encouraged (soccer cleats are allowed in Shetland). Bat bags are optional as well. WSBB will provide every player with a uniform top and hat. Players are to wear some sort of pants (sweatpants or baseball); shorts are not allowed.

When does the season start and when does it end?

Practices for the 2022 Shetland season will start April 1 and will end the first weekend of June.

Where can I read the rules for Shetland play?

Beyond the PONY rules and Official Rules of Baseball which cover most of the general gameplay rules, we have league-specific Shetland Amendments available to help everyone understand the specifics of our tee-ball league

Are families required to volunteer?

While we do not have mechanisms in place to assure everyone volunteer, WSBB strongly encourages all families to donate their time and effort in some way throughout the season, as the league is 100% volunteer-run. Each team (2 to 3 volunteers per team for a few hours) is required to staff the Snack Shack for at least one shift per season. Additional help on the field during practice and games is always appreciated by the coaching staff!

When are team pictures?

Team picture sessions for the 2022 season are currently scheduled for May 7. Your team’s coach will signup for a specific time slots. The league will send picture-ordering information to coaches at least one week prior to the scheduled session.

How do I know what’s going on?

WSBB has invested in a new technology platform called Team Snap. Once rosters are published, your team will have its own page on the Team Snap application which will allow you to view your team schedule. The app also offers a team chat function. Each team’s coach will decide how they communicate with their own families, however.

The WSBB website will share league-wide information. You can also follow West Seattle Baseball on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.